Saturday, October 18, 2008


vanilla ice cream with apple smoked bacon chips

Sound so gross ?
until you taste your first spoon !

belive me your idea will change forever.I am crazy about innovative foods and avande-garde cuisine, and this creative treat its my latest numero uno.Way better than chocolate covered bacon slices .
Worst part is this dessert directly attacking to your blood pumping organ.

you need

4 scoop vanilla ice cream
5 slice apple smoked bacon


Place bacons pre heated oven (375 f) for about 15 minutes , turn off your oven but leave the bacons inside untill they are really crispy.

take the bacons out side and wrap with paper towel (nobody needs that much saturated fat)

cut your bacons very small size (like your pinky nail size)

put 4 scoop vanilla ice cream inside a microwave safe cup and heat it about 10 seconds

mix with bacon chips and freeze about 1 hour
invite a close friend and show him/her ... and dig in
sometimes different tastes are so yum yum
do not eat too much...

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