Wednesday, December 31, 2008

simple slice of pizza

hi my love,
after too many months later, today i ate a slice of pepperoni pizza :)cheesy ,oily crispy goodness...i never knew a pizza
slice can make someone as happy as a little kid during xmas morning :)))i did not care my pizza is cheap "Target" slice and i did not care share my
table with 3000lb black lady,even i did not care when she said "man!! you really enjoying your pizza.
I chewed my each bites may be over 20 times in order to get maximum taste from my gourmet lunch,my taste buds worked very hard to find out what's going on here?
I didn't know I loved so many things about simple slice of pizza and I had to wait until today.
it's 2008 december 31st i was sitting by the window inside the Target with 3000lb black lady next to me and i was the happiest man on earth while i was manducating my $2 pepperoni pizza.
just wanna share one of my finest moment with you...

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