Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Truth Beyond The Hope

We all have rainy days in our life. Mine is pouring these days...

By rainy days I mean to the non-meteorological rainy days when we run down the streets by having a heavy rainy cloud above our heads. We know the feeling so well. Sometimes we’re just a little low while some other times we’re so depressed and it makes us feel like we lost all ways to believe in ourselves. We lost hope. But when did we get in here?

Hope is what I like to call, knowing there is a light out of the dark. Hope is what we hold in our heart when we want to believe our sorrows will end eventually. Hoping is waiting for a better perspective. Hope is never giving up.

While some people believe that hope is just a way of ignoring the reality, which is completely not true, others find straight in it.

The truth? Hope is what makes the difference between the survivor and the resigned, between the strong and the weak, between the winner and the loser.

A song once said:

“Remember, all of the famous man
Who had to fall to rise again.
They picked themselves up, dust themselves off
And… start all over again”.
(Diana Krall)

Between these lines lies hidden a most precious truth. Clouds will always appear. Even the most perfect sunny days may get really cloudy sometimes. Giving up and losing hope is what the weak people do by not being able to face a bad moment. And being in denial when it comes to the bad moments in life is what can be called ignoring the reality.

There’s no such thing as perfect. Don’t focus your energy on wanting to reach perfection. Be realistic and keep your resources for the bad moment which inevitably will appear. Keep faith, it can make wonders. When you’ll see the difference in you, you’ll really understand the power of believing and always hoping for the best.

i still have some hope in me :)

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