Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why we should shop at waterfront fish market?

You don't have to drive all the way up to the Cantler's in Annapolis all this time to buy fresh fish,and pls don't buy sea food from Safeway or Whole foods when you can get great crab and fresh fish around the corner in our very own Water front.

The waterfront fish market is a great place to get all sorta seafood. But I am always on a mission to get crabs from here. You can go to any one of the stands and get dozen of crabs (small: $13/dozen, med: $18/dozen, large: $28/dozen, extra large: $45?/dozen). They also cook the crab for you for $5.

Walk around and check out all the prices first. They don't really have a sitting area to eat, but they do have a lot of cooked seafood and raw oysters. It's challenging to eat while standing. Also they have a cleaning station on SW corner,they can clean your fish for you for $3.

Parking was sorta a crazy on a Sunday afternoon,but who cares,this is a true fish market for true seafood enthusiasts.

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