Wednesday, March 24, 2010

if you are living between Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights,skip the Giant or Safeway go to the BESTWAY

I am lucky enough to live two block from this market. For a place with 7 aisles, it's got just about everything you need.and extremly budget friendly. Cheap meat, fish(but for fish go to the fish market pls), a decent produce selection, tons of handmade tortillas, beer (including Bud minis), wine (lots of Malbecs). They have lots of latin and asian specialty products, which thrills me as a latinophile. When I was craving empanadas, they had frozen dough discos. When I was craving fried yuca, they had the tuber. When I was craving pig's feet.... ok well I've never craved pig trotters, but for the record, they have them.They have tamarind pods and great soda selections.Even they have salsify too :)

They have a pretty decent selection of spices,and spices are way cheapper than Safeway or Giant,all kind of cereals, even some organic foods.. If you're making some fancy recipe, they probably won't have everything you need, I do stop by Whole Foodsor Harris Teeter from time to time to fill in the blanks. The Service is always friendly and quick. No wonder people pilgrimage to Bestway from the suburbs, stealing local's parking spots.

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