Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Green's Chocolate Babka" , finest pre-packed pastry i ever tried.

If you happen to be in the East Village area, you might want to give Moishe's on 2nd Ave (between 6th & 7th I believe) a try. It's an authentic Jewish bakery so it's closed for Sabbatz Friday evenings. The old baker there looks to be pushing 90, but he bakes up some fine babka (two types: chocolate & cinnamon). I think it's about $6 for a good sized loaf. By the way, Moishe's hamentashen (my personal fav) is among the best I have found in the city, buttery shortbread and chockful of yummy fruit filling.
but if you are living in Washington DC area ,it is almost impossible to find home made freshly baked babka so this means go to the nearest WHOLEFOOD ....I picked up a loaf of Green's Chocolate Babka the other day at WHOLEFOOD and I must say it is really, really good. You get a hefty 22oz. loaf for $6.99 and it is a solid deal. Very dense texture, moist, and so loaded with dark chocolate that it should more than satisfy any chocoholic's craving. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for Green's!

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