Sunday, September 13, 2009

SUMAC: Great substitude for lemon

Rather tart and astringent in taste, sumac ( or sumak) is often referred to as a "souring agent." It was once used to calm the stomach. Today sumac is considered mainly a condiment used much like salt in that it is passed in small dishes at the table. The spice is tasty on grilled meats and fish or as a seasoning for rice. It complements lentils and other beans as well as vegetables. "Try seasoning a thinly sliced onion with 2 tsp. of sumac,white beans and olive oil" serve cold :) Great salad with any dish but esp. with sea food.

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Kathy said...

I recently heard about sumac! Amanda Cohen, the chef/owner of Dirt Candy in NYC uses it in her recipe for Greek Salad. She shared it with me in a recent interview. The link:

Amanda uses sumac in her "mushroom rings" part of the recipe and also to "dress the plate". Another unique ingredient she uses alongside the sumac is zaatar. I want to try both!